Space Haters is a tough as nails vertical shoot 'em up featuring classic arcade-style gameplay and set in the ruthless world of intergalactic music

You play as Photon who, after another sell-out gig, has once again asserted his galactic lyrical dominance. He gets word his friend Gamma-Boi is organizing the ultimate after-party in his honor. However, it is not going to be easy to reach. The other musical artists want a shot at the top and will do anything to get there. However, to Photon, they are just Haters. Space Haters. It is up to Photon to blast through the so-called "Monarchs of Music" and reach the afterparty of the light-year, and of course, look good whilst doing it.

Vertical shoot 'em up actionTough-as-nails, single-life arcade gameplay from Lindsay CoxGlobal leaderboards to assert your galactic dominanceSpectacular, visually-striking 2D-artwork by Tudor MorrisA soundtrack of intergalatic awesomeness composed by the legendary Ross GordonBattle the Monarchs of Music in heart-pounding boss battles

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